Roof Replacement and Gutter Installations First Purchase for First Time Home Buyers

Roof replacement and gutter installations good investment for first time home buyers

In Michigan roof replacement and gutter installations are a large maintenance expense new home buyers face. Grand Rapids, Michigan and Lansing, Michigan are experiencing a seller’s market currently. Because of the large volume of home buyers, there is more buyers than homes on the market. This leaves first-time home buyers with lower budgets fewer options when shopping for a home. Supply and demand are driving up home prices and first time home buyers are being priced out.

How home buyers can be creative in a seller’s market:

1. Hold off on your home purchase until the market changes.

During a seller’s market, home prices become inflated. Many first time buyers will have a 30-year mortgage. If your home is priced $20,000 plus higher than it would be in a normal market that can increase your monthly payment considerably.

2. Be open to new neighborhoods

Grand Rapids and Lansing are hot right now, there are new businesses coming in, new construction and everyone wants to live in the up and coming neighborhoods. Talk to your real estate agent, do some research into city planning, etc. Look in areas that may be the next up-and-coming area and get in at a lower price point.

3. Select homes that need some TLC

First of all, homes that have been completely renovated will have a higher price tag. They will also be attractive to more buyers so bidding can be competitive. If you are open to a home that needs a little work you may have less competition and be able to purchase at a lower cost.

As you are touring homes in the ‘needs work’ bracket note interior or exterior water damage on ceilings, walls, floors, etc. This is a clear sign that roof replacement and gutter installations may have been neglected. Roof repairs and roof replacement are expensive maintenance items homeowners put off.

Also, when you see damage to the exterior siding, water in the basement, or foundation issues, check gutters. Gutters may not be installed properly or are clogged, broken, etc.

Especially relevant, with any home purchase plan to hire a home inspector prior to purchasing. Inspectors will let you know if the roof replacement and gutter installations should be included in your budget.

How to Plan for Roof Replacement and Gutter Installations

Can the bank cover your roof replacement and gutter installation?

Roof replacement and gutter installation cost may be rolled into your loan, depending on your financing. Guilford’s provides free estimates for roof replacement and gutter installations throughout mid-Michigan.

Consider experience, guarantee, materials, scheduling and cost.

Finally, don’t make cost the most determining factor in choosing the construction company who does your roof replacement and gutter installation. Poor workmanship and low-quality materials will cost more in short order than selecting an experienced roofing contractor and gutter replacement company. Metal roofs last a lifetime, correctly installed asphalt shingle roofs with quality materials will last 20 years or more.

In closing, installing gutters on adds a protective layer to your home. Water will not penetrate a new roof. Seamless gutters will ensure all water will be distributed far away from your home to not cause damage.

Good luck shopping for your new home! If you fall in love with one that needs some TLC we have you covered! Just give us a call for estimates on roof replacement and gutter installation,!

Free Metal Roofing Estimates in Michigan

free metal roofing estimates

When you search metal roofing contractors or metal roofing installers Lansing, Potterville, Grand Ledge, Okemos, etc. you will see Google results show a large number of metal roofers in your area. Most of the contractors offer free metal roofing estimates. Even so, we are often asked why we can’t provide a general cost of a metal roof when a prospective customer contacts us. There is a general cost per square footage which is a good start but sometimes homeowners aren’t clear about the style they would like and style can also affect cost. Measuring the square footage of your roof accurately can be challenging.

There are also other unique roofing features to consider as well. Possibly your roof has a steeper slope or there are different pitches in the architectural design of your home. Do you have gutters, roof vents, no roof vents lots of trees, other structures close by, etc? All of these questions and more can quickly be answered with a first-time site visit. Although estimates incur costs and take time for the construction company that they may not get back, it is for their protection and your peace of mind to get accurate pricing on metal roofing installations ahead of time.

Benefits of Free Metal Roofing Estimates

• Comparing Quotes

The first benefit to the home owner for getting a free metal roofing estimate is the ability to practice due diligence by getting three quotes without dipping into your cash reserves.

• Meet the Roofing Contractor In Person

There is something to be said about a face to face meeting. Email land phone conversations can cover specifics of each inquiry but connecting with people on a more personal level can help solidify or break an agreement. A lot can be said without saying a word, in person meetings can be tell tale signs of trouble ahead or ease in making a decision.

• Understand Costs

Although there are often variances in cost with metal roofing estimates the costs can be clarified in the meeting. Maybe one company is pricing your metal roof with a different material than the other bidders have selected. Maybe they have included tear off of your old roof and the others haven’t. Or maybe they have a lot of overhead and marketing costs they need each customer to absorb!

When we meet with customers to provide free metal roofing estimates we often hear the prices they are receiving are all over the charts. Pricing for construction, as in many industries, is not regulated. It is up to you to ask each metal roofing contractor what each estimate will include. Ask about guarantees, and how long your roof should last, will they provide a dumpster for shingle tear off, will they leave the shingles on, etc. These are just some of the variables to consider when installing a new metal roof in Michigan and anywhere in the United States. Always ask questions, it is the greatest benefit to taking advantage of the free metal roofing estimates most companies provide.

If you are considering installing a metal roof on your home or commercial building please contact us today. We appreciate the opportunity to provide free metal roofing estimates. Meeting with customers allows us to answer questions and offer cost savings they may not get from other metal roofing companies in the area. Give us a call today, we look forward to meeting you.

Cleaning Your Metal Roofing


Keep you home looking new by cleaning your metal roofing each season. Your roof is the largest part of your house and you need to protect it with regular inspections and cleaning. We recommend inspecting your Michigan metal roofing at least two times a year. Add it to your standard fall home maintenance schedule to ensure that your metal roof is ready for the cold weather. Spring inspection is the next logical time to make sure all of your metal panels, soffits, gutters, etc. held up through the hardships of Michigan winter.

Metal roofs are superior to asphalt shingles roofs and will hold up for decades, however, an extreme Michigan storm can be damaging to any exterior construction material in its path. Getting in the habit of inspecting your residential metal roof after each severe Michigan storm will keep you safe and sound.

Fortunately, damaging storms won’t effect most metal roofs. On very rare occasions a material defect in a metal roof panel or metal roof shingle will require a replacement. If you are inspecting your metal roof regularly, concerns with roofing panels and shingles can be addressed quickly before damage is incurred.

If Guilford’s Metal Roofing installed the metal roof on your home and you are curious about cleaning, our guarantee, etc. give us a call. We are happy to share our best tips for keeping your metal roof clean and performing at it’s best.  

If you discover any material defects, replacement panels or shingles are covered in our lifetime metal roofing guarantee.

Cleaning Your Metal Roofing

If you cannot do the metal roof cleaning and maintenance yourself, hire a professional. If you decide that you are going to do the cleaning yourself, start working from the top and down. Make sure that your ladder is sturdy and work with a partner, have someone watching as you clean the roof so if something does happen there will be someone there to help. Wear goggles, gloves, and slip-proof shoes. Try to avoid walking on the surface of the roof as much as possible and when on the roof wear rubber-soled shoes.

Inspect and prepare for needed maintenance:

  • If we are coming off of a severe snow storm, use a special snow rake to pull the excess snow off to help relieve the pressure on the structure of the roof. Choose safety first and do not climb on the roof and try to shovel the snow off. Once you start with the rake, the smoothness of the metal roofing panels will help glide the snow right off.
  • A power washer can be utilized while cleaning your metal roofing in warmer months. Be careful of the intensity of the setting so as not to damage the finish or roofing panels. Remove any debris like sticks and leaves from the roof using a broom.
  • If there is moss, algae or fungus on your roof use a mild detergent and a long-handled brush to scrub them off. Letting leaves and debris pile up can attract bugs and moisture and will eventually damage the appearance of your metal roof material. Installing control strips made from copper, lead, or zinc can help reduce these nuisances.
  • If you have trees near your roof, trim off any branches that are overhanging on the roof. Trees branches can be a convenient bridge for pests or animals to climb on the roof. Dropping leaves, sap, seedlings, etc. can also add to you clean up work each season.
  • When cleaning your metal roof, consider the bird population around your roof too. The droppings from birds have a high acid content. Their nests can also block your gutter drains, and cause a blockage. When you are removing nests or droppings you can avoid inhaling contaminants by wearing a breathing mask.
  • Check for any cracked, loose, missing, or otherwise defective shingles.

If maintenance becomes a problem give Guilford’s a call. After all the lower maintenance on a metal roof is one of the reasons metal roofing is highly desired. Some of our other exterior home improvements such as gutters or gutter guards may reduce you efforts.


Advantages to Upgrading to a Metal Roof

Upgrading to a metal roof in Michigan

Is it time to replace your existing shingle roof? Are you considering upgrading to a metal roof? If exterior home improvements are on your list, now is the time to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to a metal roofing. Wood and asphalt shingles pale in comparison to the benefits of residential metal roofing materials provide.

Unmatched in longevity, durability, and cost-effectiveness, metal roofing holds eco-friendly benefits as well. Below, are four of the biggest advantages of upgrading to a metal roof.

1. Recycled and “Over the Top” Metal Roof Installation

Metal is the most eco-friendly roofing material on the market. Most metal roofs are made from recycled material, and it may not be in your lifetime, but the panels can be recycled again at the end of their lifecycle.

  • When upgrading to a metal roof, metal panels can be installed over your existing roof, cutting down on waste and installation time.
  • Fewer emissions are released in production and transport.
  • Metal roofing can have up to 95% solar reflexivity, as compared to 5% reflexivity of asphalt shingles. This means big savings on your energy bill since you won’t have to crank up the AC!

2. Upgrading to a Metal Roof Offers Extreme Durability

Compare the lifetime warranty of metal roof to the 15-20 year lifespan of asphalt shingles.  Shingle roofs also require a great deal of maintenance. On the other hand, metal roofing lasts up to 70 years or more and has minimal maintenance. 

  • Metal Roofing is incombustible
  • Metal roofing is resistant to high winds
  • Interlocking panels make it virtually impenetrable to pest and leaks.
  • High reflexivity and smooth surface are ideal for Michigan’s heavy snowfalls — snow melts quickly, and any remaining buildup simply slides right off.

3. Metal Roofs are Low-Maintenance

Metal roofs are designed to be impervious to water and are extremely good at drying out. Under normal conditions, rust and corrosion are not a concern either- as long as you keep your roof clean.

  • Keeping your roof clear of debris will ensure your metal roof will last a lifetime
  • Keep your gutters clean and functioning well
  • Reseal the roof every 20 years or so
  • Replace old gaskets

4. Metal Roofing is Beautiful and Versatile

The most common metals used for roofing are tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, and steel. Aluminum and steel metal roofs are the most durable and most cost efficient of the five listed.

Now that you know some of the advantages of upgrading to a metal roof for your Michigan home, think about how your current roof has performed in Michigan winters. Give us a call for a free estimate today, the time-saving, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and longevity will far outweigh the initial investment.

Happy Holidays from Guilford’s

happy holidays from guilford's metal roofing


The Guilford’s Metal Roof and Guilford’s Seamless Gutter Teams wish all of you Happy Holidays. May they be safe and joyous and may the new year be joyful, prosperous and peaceful.

 Guilford’s will be closed:

Monday, December, 26 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

Monday January 2, 2017

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for choosing Guilford’s for your exterior home needs. We are blessed to have served customers for many years. Thank you for your confidence in us, your business and your referrals. We look forward to continuing to serve your exterior home needs for many years to come. Happy 2017!

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Prepare Your Mid-Michigan Home for Fall

mid-Michigan home exterior experts Guilford Gutters

It’s that season once again, Fall maintenance for your mid-Michigan home. The end of summer is here! As we commute to our home exterior projects in Lansing, Dewitt and Vermontville this we notice the color in the trees. Soon all of Michigan will be blanketed with that white stuff that keeps us hunkered down inside, cozy and away from the cold.

Mid-Michigan Home Fall Checklist

As the cooler temperatures arrive and the unpredictable weather conditions spring up, we want to remind you to get your home ready for fall and winter.

1. Clean Out Your Gutters.

Get the ladder out and grab some gloves – it’s about to get messy! Clear all gutters around your house, garage and any outbuildings. Check each downspout carefully, take those close to or on the ground off, shake them and blow air through them to clear them. Removing leaves and debris from your drainpipes and gutters will help prevent clogging and ice build up.

If gutter cleaning is a job you hate (many homeowners don’t care to climb ladders – we understand) give us a call as soon as you can. Although our Lansing gutter installation crews get very busy this time of year installing seamless gutters, and gutter mesh protection we will get you on our list as soon as we can.

2. Shut off Your Outdoor Faucets

Drain each faucet and shut them off to keep them from freezing and eliminate the mess of cracked pipes.

3. Install your storm windows.
Most homes in Mid -Michigan have storms windows and removable screens. Now’s the time to remove the screens and install the storm windows. Prior to installing clean your house windows and the storm windows you are installing. We like the old tried and true newspaper and vinegar to reduce streaking.

4. Clean Your Fireplace and Chimney
Call a chimney professional for chimney cleaning. Have the damper checked to ensure it closes tightly to avoid drafts getting in (or birds, rodents, etc.).

5. Remove any Window Air Conditioning Units
Be sure to unplug all air conditioner units before taking them down. Clean them prior to storage. Once removed, make sure the windows are sealed. Once closed, ensure the condensation from the air conditioning unit did not cause any damage to the exterior of your home. We have experienced window air units leak water and seep behind the vinyl siding causing decay, rot and mold.

6. Check for drafts
Examine all windows and doors around your home for cracks in the seals. Add weatherstripping or give us a call to install replacement windows and doors before winter hits. Sealed windows and doors not only help you stay warm, you will save energy, and reduce your heating bills.

7. Check Your Heating System
Fire up the furnace on a cool day to be sure everything is functioning before you really need it on that first really cold day or night. If furniture has been moved around over the summer, make sure everything is moved away from heat returns and cold air returns. Clean out duct work and be sure to start with fresh filters. If you see any cause for concern, or if your spouse has reminded you, set up and appointment for a heating system check-up. It’s always better to be warm and cozy then shivering in the dog house.

8. Prepare your water heater
In preparation of the cold season now is a good time to drain your water heater and remove any debris that has accumulated in the tank. This will extend the life of your water heater as well as reduce your energy costs.

Contact Guilford’s today for all your Mid-Michigan home improvement or repairs.

Don’t Think Your Home Needs Gutter Guards?

mid-michigan gutter guards

Most home owners recognize the important of installing gutters on their home. Many of the same homeowners invest in seamless gutters around their homes and garages and outbuildings and then never give them another thought. In mid-Michigan gutter guards provide an extra layer of attention from water blockages.

Gutters protect your Michigan home from water damage by directing water from seeping into your foundation or dripping through siding to damage drywall and framing. Gutters are critical for keeping your mid-Michigan home safe from the weather but they are only the first step. The nature of gutters is to catch rain and, when properly installed, direct it away from your home. Along with catching rain, gutters also can catch other debris. Keep in mind the slope of your roof – if something falls on your roof it will likely slide down and either get blown off the roof or slide right into your gutter. Debris can range from leaves, to branches, to pods, to fruit, to balls, to toys, to who knows what is flying around your home!

When too much debris fills in the gutters they stop functioning properly. Gutters filled with leaves and branches block water from flowing freely and can back up water. Water that can no freely flow through and out of the gutters can cause just as much, possibly more, damage as not having gutters for your home at all.  This is where gutter guards come in.

Debris falls and gutters need cleaned

Even if you think there aren’t many trees located near your home you will be surprised how far wind can take leaves and other airborne debris. In the fall as leaves and pods and seeds begin to fly, take a look at your downspouts on your home. If your gutter downspouts can be removed and reattached easily, remove one and take a look. Is there debris or a lot of leaves stuck in your gutters? This tells you your gutters need cleaned.

Nobody enjoys cleaning gutters. Even if you are comfortable on a ladder… is anybody really comfortable on a ladder??? Who has time to check gutters regularly, pull the ladder out, get on the gloves and work their way all around their home? Regardless of whether you have a one story 1000 square foot ranch, or a two story 3500 square foot colonial home, you probably don’t think spending your free time cleaning gutters.

Your home needs gutter guards

Gutter guards are installed on your gutters and attached so that they are not detached by wind and weather. The mesh gutter guards allow water to seep through them while also blocking debris from getting in. For those homeowners who have a lot of trees around their homes, gutter guards a must!  If you are a homeowner who doesn’t think there are many trees close enough to cause concern, try the test above. You may change your thinking and realize your home needs gutter guards – even if it means you save one weekend day a year – they will pay for themselves for many years to come.

Give Guilford’s Gutters a call and we will stop in and provide a free estimate and protect your home before the autumn leaves fall and create work for you! Give us a call or shoot us an email today!

10 Questions To Ask Local Roofing Contractors

local roofing contractors - guilford metal roofing

How do you choose a roofing company in your area? Most local roofing contractors offer similar benefits, free estimates, roof warranties, and more. How do you know which traditional roofer or metal roofing contractor you should hire?

Following are a few considerations and questions to ask local roofing contractors:

1. Are they licensed roofing contractors?

Don’t assume because a local roofing contractor has a few jobs under their belt that they have all of the proper legal structures, insurances and trainings inline.

2. Employees Bonded and Insured?

If a roofing company comes to your home and one of their crew gets injured installing your new shingle or metal roof you may be liable if they do not have the proper license and insurance.

3. How much experience do they have?

Some companies are just getting into the metal roofing space, are you their first metal roof install? Metal roofing requires specialized training. When we began offering metal roof installation, Guilford’s years of experience with asphalt shingle roofing installation was beneficial but specific training was crucial for the different techniques required to install a metal roof.

4. What roofing material are they quoting of your new roof or roof replacement?

Metal roofing panels, as well as asphalt roof shingles vary in color, style, thickness, warranty levels – there is no one-size-fits-all metal roof panel or asphalt shingle.

5. Will the roof be installed over the current roof?

How many levels of shingles do you have on your current roof? There are legal limits to the amount of layers of roofing a home or commercial property can have. You may want to check with your county before allowing a roofing contractor to install over your existing roof.

6. How will old shingles be disposed of and is the material the roofing contractor using environmental safe?

Metal roofing panels are highly sustainable, they have a long life and they can be recycled at the end of their life span. Asphalt shingles can also be recycled now in many mid-Michigan counties.

7. What does the roof warranty cover?

Typically a warranty is for materials only. Make sure your work with a reputable, local roofing contractor who stands by their work and will also guarantee their labor if there are any repairs needed right away.

8. Who will be doing the roof install?

Are you meeting with an owner or installer or a sales person? Some companies have a local presence but are not truly local roofing contractors and do not have local staff. Ask if the metal roofing or asphalt shingle roofing company will be performing the installation themselves or if they will be hiring sub-contractors.

9. Who is responsible for clean up each day?

Keeping a tidy work space is important for safety as well as for appearances. Some HOA’s have rules in place for construction firms. Ask each local roofing contractors if they and any sub-contractors they hire will be cleaning up daily.

10. Do they have customer testimonials?

Take a look on Google, social media platforms, and their company website to check reviews. Ask the company representative if they have previous customers you can contact.

You may have specific concerns with the design of your roof, your property footprint, your schedule, etc. Ask the local roofing contractors bidding your job how they will address your concerns. The last thing you want are surprises during or at the end of your roof project.

We would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and provide an estimate for your new roof. If you are loccated in the Mid-Michigan area, in Grand Ledge, Lansing, Okemos / Haslett, Ionia, Olivet, Eaton Rapids or anyplace in between, we offer metal roofing and traditional asphalt shingle roofing in your area. Give us a call today or complete a website form and we will contact you, thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Are Ice Dams in Gutters and Roofs the First Sign of Spring in Michigan?

ice dams in gutters and roofs

Ice Dams in Gutters and Roofs, Robin Red-Breasts or Red-Winged Blackbirds?

It’s here, it’s here – oh wait, no it isn’t. That is the wistful sound Michigan residents proclaim each day above 30 degrees in March. We all know there will be a round of warm weather and then a call to batten down the hatches for yet another 6” snowfall with temperatures and wind chills that will make your face fall off. We are an ever hopeful bunch though, willing Spring to return earlier every year.

If you’re a Michigan homeowner each time cold days return following a tease of Spring warmth like today, it isn’t just the disappointment that weighs heavy around your home. Another result of increased warmth with quick freezes are ice dams on your home. Whether you hear the ice chunks falling as they melt or the steady trickle of water finding it’s way to the ground, a walk around your home parameter is in order.

How Do Ice Dams Form in Gutters and Roofs?

The ice that forms around downspouts, overflows home gutters, back up on the roof and or pushes under asphalt shingles is known as an ice dam. Water runoff from your roof gets trapped by the dam, backs up the roof, travels under the shingles and finds the closest entry to your home. Roof ice dams result in water leaking through roofs, down walls, around windows and any place water can find or create a trail.

The ideal formula for ice dams in gutters and roofs  is a heavy snow followed by frigid cold, blast of warm air followed by another quick freeze – rinse, repeat. Instant roof ice dams form under asphalt shingles, at the base of rain gutters and along soffits and eaves. In early Spring mid-Michigan experiences warm days and cold nights, snow melts from the sun on the roof, night falls and it freezes. Night after night and thaw after thaw thousands of these water drops form ice dams and icicles.

What is the cause of Roof Ice Dams?

There is great debate as to what is the main cause of ice dams on roofs and homes. No gutter protection to keep leaves and debris out, poor attic insulation, improper ventilation of attics, lack of eavestroughs, heat and thaw, etc. are all cited as culprits. These exterior home maintenance issues can play a role in the amount of ice dams your Michigan home develops. The sun today is now melting the snow pack on the roofs of Lake Odessa, Ionia and Lowell, Michigan homes who recently received heavy snow accumulation. As the temperatures drop the water hits cold air and it turns to ice. Gutters filled with leaves and debris block the flow of the water… and of course the nature of Michigan winters…also play heavily in ice dams in gutters and roofs.

How can I get rid of Ice Dams?

Some homeowners see the ice forming around rain gutters and assume their newly installed seamless gutters could be the cause – rain gutters do not cause ice dams. Home gutter removal will not stop a roof ice dam concern.

Temporary fixes of roof ice dams:

  • Calcium chloride – (NOT sodium chloride) in ice melt socks, old panty hose, etc is a start. Fill the items with the calcium chloride and toss (or place, if you can reach your roof safely on a ladder) and the calcium chloride will eventually melt through snow and ice creating a channel for the water flow in to gutters or off the roof.
  • Gutter or roof heat tape
  • Clean out your gutters

Permanent Fix for Ice Dams in Gutters and Roofs

  • new metal roof installation
  • new asphalt shingle roof
  • new seamless gutters and gutter protection
  • install ice and water shield such as Weathergard
  • install strips of ice and water shield on the roofs edge
  • increase your home insulation
  • seal and ventilate your attic
  • install soffit vents
  • install ridge vent
  • professionally install gutters
  • gutter warming wire (heat tape)

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention ice dams in gutters and roofs are not a concern with metal roofs! All American metal roofs help extend the life of a home or building. In Michigan metal roofs also remove the concern of roof ice dams causing interior leaks into your home. Also, remember to ALWAYS clean your gutters at the end of EVERY fall season or install gutter protection. Water has to have somewhere to run off the roof or out of the gutters – if they are clogged, they will back up and cause damage. Water finds a way off – make sure it doesn’t beat a trail for the inside of your home!

Call us today for assistance tholepin with the roof ice dams on your asphalt shingle roof. We can take a look at what your largest concern is and suggest the best solution for your home and budget (517) 649-2344.


Is 2016 the Year for a Home Exterior Remodel?

Homw exterior remodel MichiganDeciding whether or not it’s time for a home exterior remodel of your Michigan home can be a daunting thought. Yet another tough question is when to start? With El-nino 2015 in full force, our daily Lansing area forecasts range from rain to snow blasts. As an all-season construction company in Michigan, we’ve been peeling off and adding layers for months now! It doesn’t have to be full on Spring for us to tackle home exterior remodels. Don’t let the weather deter you from getting started on your home remodel, we’re like the old postal service. Now if you’re the compassionate type and can’t bear the thought of construction workers installing a new metal roof in rain and snow, you can still call us to stop by and provide an estimate. If it makes you feel better, we’ll stop in for measurements and get you the cost of a metal roof, gutters, new siding, etc. and we’ll get your first on list for spring!

If you’ve been thinking about an exterior remodel for quite some time, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, then perhaps this is the year to finally make it happen. Understandably, along with the unpredictable mid-Michigan weather, there are other factors that contribute to homeowners saying yes or no to exterior remodels.

You might be considering a home remodel due to certain life circumstances, or maybe it’s finally time for you to make a vision come to life. To help make your decision easier we’ve compiled a list of five different indicators that’ll help you decide if it’s finally time for a home remodel this year.

1. Your Home Has Issues, But You Don’t Want to Move

If you absolutely love your home’s location, yet feel like your home isn’t really up to par, then it could be time for a renovation. If you’re trying to make the decision between moving, or remodeling your home, there are a lot of questions you’ll need to consider.

For starters, you’ll want to start with your home’s potential. If you believe you can transform your existing home into the home of your dreams through an exterior remodel, then by all means move forward. If this sounds like you start by speaking with an exterior home specialist to help determine costs for the home exterior changes you have in mind.  You may then want to consider a home valuation process and follow up with a real estate professional to see how much your home will be worth both before and after a remodel.

2. Your Roof Is Leaking

If you have a leaky roof then you’ll probably want to upgrade for the simple fact that it’ll improve your quality of life and protect your investment.  Michigan area snowy winters and blustery springs can get pretty rough, this is especially true if your roof doesn’t do its job in protecting you and your loved ones from the elements.

Our team specializes in a variety of roof types that will increase the livability of your home, while improving it’s overall curb appeal and value.

While you’re making your home more weatherproof it’s important to consider the current state of your windows. Replacing your windows to a more energy-efficient and newer model will make your home look better, while making it much more comfortable throughout the winter months.

3. Your Landscape Is Dying

The landscape that surrounds your home has an important place in the curb appeal of your home. If your landscape has been dying over the year, or doesn’t look well maintained, then your home doesn’t seem like the most comfortable environment. If you are planning outdoor parties, such as anniversaries or graduation open houses be sure to kick up the curb appeal with some fresh plantings or walk ways installed.

Getting your landscape done will improve how your home looks on the outside, and how you feel about your home when you drive home after a long day at work. Another important aspect of your landscape includes your home lighting setup. You’ll want this aspect of your exterior to highlight features of your landscape, and built features of your home. Lighting is also a safety feature we seldom consider until we really need it.

4. Your Curb Appeal Is Down To Zero

How do you feel when you drive by your home, or pull into your driveway? If you don’t love how your home looks, or if it looks like it’s been frozen in time, then consider an exterior remodel.

Your curb appeal is important not only if you’re thinking about selling your home in the future, but also how you feel about your home while you’re still living there. Even simple upgrades, like adding a gutter system, giving your home a new coat of paint, or installing new siding can go a long way to helping you love your home again. The valuable return you get is not just in the eye candy either,  you’re neighbors may actually begin speaking kindly of you again!

5. You Have Infrastructure Issues

If your home has certain infrastructure issues that you’ve been waiting to fix, then why don’t you take care of these while doing exterior cosmetic upgrades? By bundling both of these together you’ll cut costs, while making your home much more comfortable and functional. The other benefit is you only have to deal with construction workers around the house for a short period of time and then we all go away!

If you have to do upgrades, such as, electrical, septic, or foundation issues, get these scheduled and taken care of and button up the exterior of your home with a fresh new remodel while you’re at it.

What do you think, is 2016 the Year for a Home Exterior Remodel?

If you think it’s time for a home exterior remodel, get in touch with our team of professionals today. We’ll work hard to answer your most pressing questions, so you can be sure that starting a home remodel is the best decision for you. Remember we’re available to pop in for a site visit throughout the Lansing area and as far as Webberville, Marshall and St Johns at any time to discuss material or color options. We’ll do exterior home measurements while we’re there and get an estimate to you quickly. When you’re ready to move forward we’ll work to get everything rolling to meet your schedule.

Do you know the square footage of your home and have a good idea what home exterior remodeling projects you want this year? Complete our quick estimate form and we can get started. We’ll probably have to call for some specifics but, hey it’s a good a start! Enjoy the rest of the Michigan winter, if you see any of us on top of a roof in Grand Ledge installing a new metal roof or up on scaffolding