Michigan Eco-Friendly Metal Roofing for Green Building

Eco-freindly metal roofing by Guilford Metal RoofingThe Green building movement has thrived in Michigan and throughout the United States for over a decade now. More LEED certified buildings and green construction options are available in both the commercial and residential sectors. Eco-friendly metal roofing offers environmentally conscious buyers attractive green roofing options.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Metal Roofing:

  1. Extended Life Cycle – Lifetime warranty on metal roof from Guilford’s. The lifetime guarantee and durable protection of an eco-friendly metal roof will have the roof pay for itself in no time.
  2. Cost savings – Eliminate the cost of multiple roof replacements,
  3. Maintenance – durable eco-friendly metal roofing holds up to Michigan’s extreme weather and are rated for high winds.
  4. Reduced construction waste in landfills – Metals roofs can often be installed over existing asphalt shingled roofing. This reduces construction in waste in landfills and also offers a layer of insulation that can serve as a sound barrier as well as a save from heat loss or temperature gain during the summer.
  5. Reduce raw material use – metal roofing panels are available with recycled content and last longer than traditional shingles
  6. Harvesting rain water – smooth run off from many metal roofing panel styles, also great for getting clean algae free water
  7. Cool colors – steel roofing with infared or lighter shades considered ‘cool colors’ reduce cooling costs during warm months. All standard colors in Guilford’s metal roofing line are Energystar rated.
  8. Energy efficiency – variety of insulation options keep buildings cooler in summer with reduced heat loss in winter
  9. Alternative energy options – Solar Panels and Photovoltaic systems can be integrated easily in metal roof systems
  10. Recyclable material and less contaminants – at the end of a metal roof’s lifespan the tear off can be easily recycled for repurposing.

Eco-friendly Metal Roofing has Less Impact on the Environment

Resistance to plant growth, algae and mildew eliminates concern for fungi growing on the roof. This reduces contaminants entering the water table during run off. When you choose eco-friendly metal roofing elimination of these contaminants help improve ground water.

If you are a commercial builder seeking LEED certification for your next building project in mid-Michigan, eco-friendly metal roofing by Guilford Metal Roofing increases points to help meet the LEED level you are seeking. You will also receive professional installation crews conscientious of keeping the work site clean and orderly.

Residential builders constructing LEED qualified homes can offer customers a variety of attractive metal roof panels and lifetime guarantee while meeting LEED certifications on their newly constructed home plans. Guilford metal roofing crews can work with your project schedule and ensure the product is done professionally at a reasonable cost.

Even if you are not seeking LEED points more commercial construction customers are seeking environmentally conscious and low maintenance products for their offices, retail, storage and manufacturing buildings. Whether you are remodeling or designing new buildings, eco-friendly metal roofing is a smart choice for Michigan home owners and commercial construction in mid-Michigan.