Metal Roofing Ridge Vents

photo of metal roofing ridge ventMetal roofs have been around for hundreds of years, but thanks to modern technology metal roofs are now available in a variety of colors and shapes to suit your diverse metal roofing needs. If you really want to take your metal roof to the next level, consider installing a metal roofing ridge vents.

What Are Ridge Vents?

Roof vents are installed along the roof’s ridgeline, and provide necessary ventilation. They help keep the air within the home at a constant level.

Ridge vents are fairly easy to install and run the entire length of the roof in order to continuously release hot air from the attic space.

Ridge vents also blend in easily to the roofline with the addition of cap shingles or components. This means there’s no aesthetic sacrifice for increased home ventilation.

Proper Ridge Vent System Installation

It’s important you have high-quality ridge vents installed. Your ventilation system must match the materials your roof is composed of, if you want the vents to last for the entire lifetime of the roof.

Proper installation will also guarantee your vent system doesn’t let in excess moisture, or become damaged by powerful storms, wind, or ice.

Why Do You Need Roof Ridge Vents?

Most metal roofs rely on static ventilation to keep air flowing throughout the home. Static ventilation means that heating and cooling are taken care of by temperature changes from the inside of the home and outside air.

This means that hot, humid air that might arise in the attic is replaced by cooler, dry air on a consistent basis. Creating a balance of airflow is crucial in order to maintain a healthy air balance in the home.

Roof ridge vents assist in the process of expelling potentially damaging air inside of the home.

Roof Ridge Vent Benefits

Ridge Vents can be a valuable addition to your mid-Michigan metal roof. Below you’ll find some of the most common benefits a high-quality ridge vent system can bring to your home.

1. Better Aesthetics

As opposed to other venting systems, such as, turbines or box vents. Ridge vents blend into the roofline, so they don’t decrease the aesthetic appeal of your home. For that reason alone we’ve seen an increase in this style of installation over the years.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs can provide energy savings due to their built-in capacity to naturally reflect sunlight. However, without proper ventilation you won’t realize the same level of energy efficiency benefits.

A solid ventilation system will help prevent heat buildup and the associated energy costs.

3. Protects Your Investment

Ridge vents will help to maintain the integrity of your metal roof. Most ridge vents are made out of high-quality materials, which means you won’t have to sacrifice quality for proper ventilation.

Ridge Roof vents are essential in order to maintain the quality of your metal roof and ventilation systems. Contact Guilford’s for metal roofing, ridge roof vent installation, and all of your roofing needs.