Maintain Your Metal Roof: 5 Things You MUST Do to Protect Your Investment

Maintain Your Metal Roof: 5 Things You MUST DoProper maintenance of a metal roof will ensure years of value, and will further improve its lifespan, which is already superior to that of traditional roofing materials. If you’re already the owner of a metal roof building, discerning the needs of your roof will protect your investment. If you’re still in the consideration stages of a metal roof, researching the maintenance schedule is indeed proactive on your part! So, what are the needs of a metal roof, specifically? Here are five things you must do to maintain your metal roof.

1. Be Proactive In Maintaining Your Metal Roof from the Beginning

The first thing you must do to ensure proper maintenance of your roof is to prevent issues from the beginning by taking the extra steps recommended by your roofing technician. Trust your contractors expertise—they want your roof to last, too! For example, some roofs may require rust inhibitors or other coatings. These kinds of suggestions ensure a long life for your roof and prevent future issues.

2. Routine Inspections Help Maintain Your Roof

Schedule routine inspections of your roof at the regular intervals suggested by your technician. Some types of roofs may need to be searched for minor conditions like oxidation, or loose connectors. These are small issues that can be easily fixed- and doing so avoids bigger problems in the future!

3. Your Metal Roof May Need to Be Cleaned

Although some roof materials may have coatings or other architectural characteristics that mean cleaning or even pressure cleaning is unnecessary or not recommended, other materials may do well with a routine cleaning. Be sure to check with your technician about what kind of cleaning is needed and appropriate for your roof.

4. Take Care of the Drains and Gutters

Make sure your roof’s gutters aren’t clogged or full of debris, which could affect drainage and negatively impact your investment. This is especially important after a storm, and should be done at least once per season, and often more regularly.

5. Replace Your Metal Roofs Expendable Parts

Although your metal roof is designed and built to last for a very long time, there are some parts and materials that require a minor replacement every once in a while. For example, your technician may need to replace fastener gaskets, or they may need to double check the condition of sealants on certain parts of your roof. Again, this will come to light with routing inspections.

A metal roof is a positive investment, but like most investments, it needs some routine, simple service now and then. Following these five tips to maintain your metal roof will help you to get the most value out of your metal roof investment.