Gutter Installation in Lansing Michigan

Half-round Gutters

ladder-drillerIf you want a traditional look in a classic design, you can do no better than half-round gutters. Offering a smooth contour for the passage of water, they’re also super-practical and avoid the problems of more angular guttering.

Half-round gutters come in an amazing array of colors, finishes, and materials; from highly durable vinyl to match your home, to practical galvanized steel, to beautiful copper.
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Seamless Gutters

What Every Homeowner Should Know…
Why are gutters necessary?
Free-flowing gutters channel water away from your home, thereby protecting your home’s foundation. Gutters are your insurance policy on your home’s future.
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Underground Tile

An underground drainage system is an effective method of moving water to another more desired location. It is typically used around the footings of your building’s foundation, on property with chronic water problems and in gardens to maintain an ideal moisture for plant growth. These systems work by collecting/channeling the water in a drainage tile and sloping that in the direction you want to move the water.

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Gutter Protection

screen-diagramGuilford’s Screen Mesh
Guilford’s gutter protection is an advanced, contractor-grade, premium system that is guaranteed to keep your gutters free of leaves, sticks and other debris for many years to come. Guilford’s Screen Mesh gutter protection has multiple features that constitute a highly porous screen. Guilfords Screen Mesh keeps out even the smallest bits and pieces that choke your downspouts and gutters, while allowing uninterrupted flow-through passage for water during the heaviest downpours.
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