Gutter Specifications – FAQ on Guilford’s Gutters and Installation

Seamless, half round, angles and installation- Oh my! Guilford’s knows that the specifics of gutters and the associated choices and options may be overwhelming for some of our customers. But, over 50 years of experience means that we’ve picked up some knowledge along the way. As reliable, full trained gutter installation experts, you can put your trust in us when making decisions about your most precious asset—your home. Let us share with you some of the specific items and options you’ll first encounter in making your installation choices. Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

  • How can I be sure I’m getting quality work and materials when it comes to gutter installation?

Because we know what an important investment your home is, we encourage our customers to be choosy. With Guilford’s you know you’re getting solid work and reliable installation experts because we use quality tools and materials, paired with over 50 years of experience.

  • Can Guilford’s guarantee workmanship on my gutters?

Of course you wonder what happens to your investment if there’s a problem. That’s why we offer a five year workmanship guarantee. We can do this because we are confident in our reliable and well-trained gutter installation experts. We want you to be just as confident in your selection and installation project.

  • How can I be sure your product will fit my home? Are the gutters a custom fit?

We fabricate many of our gutter products on site at your home, so that your house has a drainage system that is custom fit to its particular needs.

  • But, how much can houses really differ when it comes to gutter drainage? Is this custom fit really worth the effort and cost?

There is actually a lot of potential difference in your home and its drainage needs compared to others. Gutters must have the proper angle and slope for correct drainage. This is best dealt with on site, so that your gutters are fit to the specifics of your home.

  • What can you do to save me the work of maintaining gutters?

One way to help you avoid work and save time when it comes to maintenance is to install gutter protection with your eavestroughs, so that their drainage is protected from debris, leaves and branches. This also protects your home from backed up troughs or a wet foundation due to improper drainage.

Our Gutter Mesh (potential link) is often installed with new gutter systems. It covers the troughs, but lets rainwater flow through the cover while stopping leaves and debris from getting inside.

Seamless gutters are gutters that are fabricated at your home, in custom pieces specifically made for your home. They differ from sectional gutters in that sectionals are pre-made and installed in pieces (sections) onto your home.

  • What exactly is the benefit of these seamless eavestroughs?

Seamless eavestroughs have several benefits for the homeowner. First, they don’t have the joints that sectional eaves have, meaning there is less clogging at these joints, and less water leakage. In addition, most homeowners find that the seamless eavestroughs offer many more options, since they are custom made. Sizes, colors and materials can be matched to your home.

Half round gutters are a different style of gutter, in which the trough looks like a half circle or half a pipe. They are chosen for their style and appearance. Homeowners who have more traditional looking homes, craftsman-style homes or older houses often choose these in order to keep a consistent style or “look” to the exterior of their home.

We invite you to take advantage of our 50 years of experience and expertly trained installers. We provide free estimates and are available to answer your personal FAQs, too.