Gutter Protection – Guilford’s Gutter Mesh FAQs

Gutters close up - gutter protection gutter mesh faqsEvery Fall you hear from a deluge of companies about getting gutter protection products installed. From gutter guards to gutter mesh we know there are a lot of products and even more questions regarding gutter protection for Mid-Michigan homes and commercial buildings. We hope the following gutter mesh FAQs will answer some of your questions and concerns.

How Does Guilford’s Gutter Mesh Work?

Guilford’s Gutter Mesh systems install over existing gutters and we suggest them upon installation of new gutters and eavestroughs. Guilford’s Gutter mesh allows the rain to flow through the gutter mesh while holding debris back and eliminate clogging of your gutter systems.

Can Guilford’s Gutter Mesh handle heavy rains?

Gutter mesh directs rainfall into the gutters and downspouts under the heaviest rainfall conditions. Gutter mesh has withstood all of the record shattering rainfalls we have experienced in mid-Michigan and Southeastern lower Michigan over the last year and prior years.

Is Gutter Mesh long lasting?

Yes, gutter mesh is made from aluminum and has an industrial paint covering that won’t rust, peel, chip, or crack. The increased life span of the gutter mesh product will outlast all of our competitor’s products.

Does Gutter Mesh come with a guarantee?

Yes. Guilford’s Gutter mesh is guaranteed to keep leaves and debris away from your gutters and will eliminate  clogging of your downspouts and gutters from falling debris. All of Guilford’s products and services come with a 5 year guarantee on all of our workmanship.

How will the Gutter Mesh look on my home?

Gutter mesh is inserted inside your gutters. very little of the product is shown. There are a large amount of colors to choose from to match your existing gutters as closely as possible.

Is Gutter Mesh maintenance free?

Gutter mesh is installed on a slight slope to shed most of the debris that comes into contact with your gutters. You will want to check them periodically to make sure no leaves or debris have accumulated along the edges. If you notice debris or dirt build up sweep it with a broom or use a high pressure garden hose to spray it off.

Couldn’t a handyman install gutter protection himself?

A trained installer is required to implement the best installation technique for each individual situation. Guilford’s Gutters had been installing gutters and gutter products for over 30 years we’ve seen it all and we know how to make it right! Plus your receive our 5 year guarantee on our workmanship.

How much does Gutter Protection / Gutter Mesh Cost to Install?

An onsite consultation is necessary for accurate bidding. Cost is determined by the size of gutters  (5″ or 6″)  the expanse of the building as well as any challenging drops or existing gutter repairs that may need to be addressed.

Keep your peace of mind during the many record rainfalls the Lansing area, Mid-Michigan, Central Michigan will continue to experience each year. As the rain pours down feel secure in knowing all your gutters are protected and clear of back ups. Give us a call today to set up a free no obligation consultation and written estimate for gutter protection with Guilford’s Gutter Mesh.