What is the Cost of Metal Roofing?

cost of metal roofingThe cost of metal roofing is a very common question from our customers. Of course you want to know the range and level of pricing before you move forward with your project, and Guilford’s Metal Roofing is ready to give you the best deal available.

However, there is no one standard cost of metal roofing, and individual estimates are difficult to price over the internet due to the variability in metal roofing factors.

When considering what a metal roof costs, it’s important to know these factors, and to have made general decisions about some of these choices in metal roofing.

Linear Foot

Linear foot refers to the actual dimensions of the metal roofing material. Metal roofing can generally be cut to length. The width of metal roofing is somewhat set. Contractors will include linear feet needed in your estimate.

Roof Slope

The roof slope, also called “pitch” is referred to as steep slope or shallow slope. This slope influences the cost in several ways. For example, a steeper slope makes the work to be done a bit harder and a bit more difficult. In addition, slope may have an effect on amount of materials.

Color and Style

The color and style of roofing material may influence cost. Here at Guilford Metal Roofing, we’re dedicated to giving our customers the best options for their dwelling. We’ll be able to show you options for material, styles, colors, patterns and so on, and then quote your job based on your selected color and style.

Various Quality and Rating Factors

Different kinds of roofing materials carry different ratings and other quality factors. These also influence the price. Again, we’re more than willing to sit down and go through the different options with you, and to help you make your selection based on your budget.

Election of Soundproofing

Although not a required part of your roofing system, add-ons such as soundproofing can influence the price of materials. Choosing to use soundproofing in your installation may increase your price, but may also give those who desire it years of quiet peace within your building. 

Other Materials

The actual metal panels or metal shingles are not the only material used for metal roofing projects. Other typical metal roofing materials include underlayment, fasteners and caps. These pieces can effect the cost of metal roofing.


The last factor to take into account in your metal roofing project pricing is the cost of labor and installation. Once all materials are chosen and paid for, you still need an expert installation team to handle the work. Labor costs play a big part in the pricing of your project, and we’d be happy to provide an estimate for you.

You want a cost estimate that’s both fair and accurate. Understanding some of the factors that go into determining that final cost will help you to make the right decisions for your project. In addition, we are ready to provide a custom estimate specifically for you and based on your choices and building. Working with an experienced metal roofing contractor that stands by their work and material is something to consider when determining the investment cost of metal roofing. Call us today!