Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal and asphalt roofs side by side - benefits of metal roofing in MichiganIf you are shopping for a new roofing learning the benefits of Metal roofing will help you make an educated decision. Metal roofing is getting more popular on residential homes and commercial buildings each year especially in mid-Michigan. Decades after farmers reaped the many benefits of metal roofing on their barns, pole barns and out buildings commercial construction discovered the benefits of metal roofing. In the Lansing Michigan area many of the first newly installed metal roofs used bright blue or green panels on large expanses of roofs from churches to manufacturing plants. Although attractive on the churches and commercial buildings the bright colors may have deterred some designers, building and construction crews and homeowners to take the plunge.

Many home owners like to play it safe when if comes to exterior home improvement. Nobody wants to be ‘That Guy’ with the blue metal roof in a neighborhood of 70’s ranches. Commercial buildings and churches can often pull off a green or blue metal roof but in a residential neighborhood bright colors may not be the best choice! Fortunately there are a large variety of attractive colors and styles available that will improve your homes appearance. Take a drive around Eaton, Ionia, Shaiwassee, Ingham and Clinton counties in mid-Michigan and you will see many Guilford Metal Roof installations on residential homes. Following are some of the benefits to metal roofing for newly built homes or replacement roofs on existing homes.

10 Benefits of Metal Roofing for Michigan Homeowners

  1. Longevity – Never replace the roof of your structure again! Guilford’s metal roofing hold a lifetime warranty on commercial and residential construction, new construction or existing structures.
  2. Speed of roofing installation – Most metal roofing materials are installed as 12 = 36” wide panels or in multiple-shingle sections.  Guilford’s Metal Roofing crew can install metal roofing quickly and usually reduce the installation time by a couple of days when compared to asphalt shingles.
  3. Lightweight – Most metal roofing panel varieties run from 50 to 150 pounds per square, considerably less than their counterparts of tile at 750 pounds and cement at 900 pounds per square.
  4. Fire-resistant qualities – Metal roofing is noncombustible, they’re given the most resistant fire rating, a Class A fire rating. Rating classification depends on what materials are used beneath the metal panels. Metal roofs applied over wood shingles or materials that could ignite under intense hear have a lower, Class C rating. Homeowner’s insurance companies often offer lower rates to customers with metal roofs.
  5. Heat conduction – Metal roofing reflects the sun and reduces heat gain during Michigan’s warm seasons. Reduced dependence on air conditioning results in energy savings and some years there are tax credits that are applicable.
  6. Minimal roof pitch – Most metal roofing materials can be installed on gently pitched roofs without presenting a leaking potential. Minimum roof pitch is 3-in-12 (the roof rises 3 inches for each horizontal foot).
  7. Increased Property Value – because of all the benefits of metal roofing listed here including fire resistance, lifetime warranty, etc. the investment offers a great return for home resale and value.
  8. Attractive – Metal roofing not only extends the life of a building by keeping it protected the variety of shingle styles resembling cedar shake, slate, etc. improves the overall appearance of the home or commercial building.
  9. Variety of Styles – from shake, slate, european tile, and standing seam there is a style available to suit your home or building design. Once the style is selected choose from an even greater amount of metal roof colors.
  10. Eco-Friendly – Metal roofing has become a staple for green building solutions because of it’s sustainability, recyclability and energy efficiency. Many colors are cool roof  and EnergyStar® certified.