Free Metal Roofing Estimates in Michigan

free metal roofing estimates

When you search metal roofing contractors or metal roofing installers Lansing, Potterville, Grand Ledge, Okemos, etc. you will see Google results show a large number of metal roofers in your area. Most of the contractors offer free metal roofing estimates. Even so, we are often asked why we can’t provide a general cost of a metal roof when a prospective customer contacts us. There is a general cost per square footage which is a good start but sometimes homeowners aren’t clear about the style they would like and style can also affect cost. Measuring the square footage of your roof accurately can be challenging.

There are also other unique roofing features to consider as well. Possibly your roof has a steeper slope or there are different pitches in the architectural design of your home. Do you have gutters, roof vents, no roof vents lots of trees, other structures close by, etc? All of these questions and more can quickly be answered with a first-time site visit. Although estimates incur costs and take time for the construction company that they may not get back, it is for their protection and your peace of mind to get accurate pricing on metal roofing installations ahead of time.

Benefits of Free Metal Roofing Estimates

• Comparing Quotes

The first benefit to the home owner for getting a free metal roofing estimate is the ability to practice due diligence by getting three quotes without dipping into your cash reserves.

• Meet the Roofing Contractor In Person

There is something to be said about a face to face meeting. Email land phone conversations can cover specifics of each inquiry but connecting with people on a more personal level can help solidify or break an agreement. A lot can be said without saying a word, in person meetings can be tell tale signs of trouble ahead or ease in making a decision.

• Understand Costs

Although there are often variances in cost with metal roofing estimates the costs can be clarified in the meeting. Maybe one company is pricing your metal roof with a different material than the other bidders have selected. Maybe they have included tear off of your old roof and the others haven’t. Or maybe they have a lot of overhead and marketing costs they need each customer to absorb!

When we meet with customers to provide free metal roofing estimates we often hear the prices they are receiving are all over the charts. Pricing for construction, as in many industries, is not regulated. It is up to you to ask each metal roofing contractor what each estimate will include. Ask about guarantees, and how long your roof should last, will they provide a dumpster for shingle tear off, will they leave the shingles on, etc. These are just some of the variables to consider when installing a new metal roof in Michigan and anywhere in the United States. Always ask questions, it is the greatest benefit to taking advantage of the free metal roofing estimates most companies provide.

If you are considering installing a metal roof on your home or commercial building please contact us today. We appreciate the opportunity to provide free metal roofing estimates. Meeting with customers allows us to answer questions and offer cost savings they may not get from other metal roofing companies in the area. Give us a call today, we look forward to meeting you.

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