Cleaning Your Metal Roofing


Keep you home looking new by cleaning your metal roofing each season. Your roof is the largest part of your house and you need to protect it with regular inspections and cleaning. We recommend inspecting your Michigan metal roofing at least two times a year. Add it to your standard fall home maintenance schedule to ensure that your metal roof is ready for the cold weather. Spring inspection is the next logical time to make sure all of your metal panels, soffits, gutters, etc. held up through the hardships of Michigan winter.

Metal roofs are superior to asphalt shingles roofs and will hold up for decades, however, an extreme Michigan storm can be damaging to any exterior construction material in its path. Getting in the habit of inspecting your residential metal roof after each severe Michigan storm will keep you safe and sound.

Fortunately, damaging storms won’t effect most metal roofs. On very rare occasions a material defect in a metal roof panel or metal roof shingle will require a replacement. If you are inspecting your metal roof regularly, concerns with roofing panels and shingles can be addressed quickly before damage is incurred.

If Guilford’s Metal Roofing installed the metal roof on your home and you are curious about cleaning, our guarantee, etc. give us a call. We are happy to share our best tips for keeping your metal roof clean and performing at it’s best.  

If you discover any material defects, replacement panels or shingles are covered in our lifetime metal roofing guarantee.

Cleaning Your Metal Roofing

If you cannot do the metal roof cleaning and maintenance yourself, hire a professional. If you decide that you are going to do the cleaning yourself, start working from the top and down. Make sure that your ladder is sturdy and work with a partner, have someone watching as you clean the roof so if something does happen there will be someone there to help. Wear goggles, gloves, and slip-proof shoes. Try to avoid walking on the surface of the roof as much as possible and when on the roof wear rubber-soled shoes.

Inspect and prepare for needed maintenance:

  • If we are coming off of a severe snow storm, use a special snow rake to pull the excess snow off to help relieve the pressure on the structure of the roof. Choose safety first and do not climb on the roof and try to shovel the snow off. Once you start with the rake, the smoothness of the metal roofing panels will help glide the snow right off.
  • A power washer can be utilized while cleaning your metal roofing in warmer months. Be careful of the intensity of the setting so as not to damage the finish or roofing panels. Remove any debris like sticks and leaves from the roof using a broom.
  • If there is moss, algae or fungus on your roof use a mild detergent and a long-handled brush to scrub them off. Letting leaves and debris pile up can attract bugs and moisture and will eventually damage the appearance of your metal roof material. Installing control strips made from copper, lead, or zinc can help reduce these nuisances.
  • If you have trees near your roof, trim off any branches that are overhanging on the roof. Trees branches can be a convenient bridge for pests or animals to climb on the roof. Dropping leaves, sap, seedlings, etc. can also add to you clean up work each season.
  • When cleaning your metal roof, consider the bird population around your roof too. The droppings from birds have a high acid content. Their nests can also block your gutter drains, and cause a blockage. When you are removing nests or droppings you can avoid inhaling contaminants by wearing a breathing mask.
  • Check for any cracked, loose, missing, or otherwise defective shingles.

If maintenance becomes a problem give Guilford’s a call. After all the lower maintenance on a metal roof is one of the reasons metal roofing is highly desired. Some of our other exterior home improvements such as gutters or gutter guards may reduce you efforts.


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